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For thouse of you who are familiar with myeclipse and its scaffolding thingy, do you know how can i instantiate a class from the DAO layer and use it?

I have, for example, CourseDAOImpl and CourseServiceImpl.(in the generated packaged) When i try to make a small main method and say new CourseDAOImpl just to get all courses and display them to console, it throws an nullpointer.

May this is because it didn't initialize properly the entitymanager? It's very weird. I have no ideea how to use these classes like using any other classes.

Thank you!

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Please supply the stacktrace output and some snippets from the relevant sections of your code. Without that it is difficult to provide any advice. –  Jim Tough Dec 5 '10 at 17:42
CourseServiceImpl csi=new CourseServiceImpl() and csi.loadCourses(); this is from the service package generated by MyEclipse. The null exception traces to findAllCourses() in CourseDAOImpl and Query query = createNamedQuery("findAllCourses", startResult, maxRows); return new LinkedHashSet<Course>(query.getResultList());.... VERY WEIRD. DO you know? –  Andrei Dec 6 '10 at 11:58

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