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i have a project where i have a movie.swf (AS2) and some buttons with js/jQuery in the html part. Now i want the buttons to control the flash. For Example pressing Button1 would do a gotoAndPlay(1) and Button2 gotoAndPlay(150) Button3 gotoAndStop(450)

The Flashmovie works with Actionscript 2.

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You need to have a look at the documentation for ExternalInterface, which provides the link between JavaScript and Flash in a webpage.

The basics run along the lines of importing the library in Flash:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

Then you can bind a routine to be called from Javascript by using addCallback():

ExternalInterface.addCallback('stopVideo', stopVideo);

function stopVideo() {

That provides a function called stopVideo() on the flash object on the webpage.

And you can call a Javascript function from Flash by using call():'updatePlayerInfo', "STOPPED");

That calls a Javascript routine called updatePlayerInfo() with the argument 'STOPPED'.

The AS3 documentation for ExternalInterface is much the same as AS2, I can not seem to locate the AS2 documentation at present.

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This might be helpful to standardize how you get reference to the running swf for invoking your callbacks: jQuery SWFObject Plugin

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