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For example, I have two entities, "RealEstate" and "Picture". RealEstate holds a collection of Picture. In the mapping file RealEstate has a bag in it for Pictures and cascade is Delete".

If you delete a RealEstate all the related Pictures will be deleted. But is there any way to execute a custom method to delete the pictures from the web server.

I did it by assigning cascade="none" and when I delete a RealEstate i first check is there any Pictures related to it, if there is, I call DeletePicture() method for it.

I am curious about what do you do in these kind of situations?

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You could write an interceptor and implement the OnDelete method that will be executed when a picture is deleted.

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Thank you i will check it as soon as possible and mark it as answer, Thanks again –  Barbaros Alp Jan 12 '09 at 14:12

If you're using nhibernate 2.0 , the new and better way to go is : use events.

Article about nhibernate 2.0 events

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Thanks for the great info –  Barbaros Alp Jan 12 '09 at 20:26

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