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I want to horizotally scroll my page when a peron clicks on some link. Is there any plugin available for jquery to do that? I saw localscroll scrollTo. None of them worked for me. I've been trying to get it work since 3 hours. I don't even get any error in firebug. Is there any better and advanced plugin to do this?

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You do not need a plugin for that. jQuery has .scrollTop() and .scrollLeft(). You can use these two (as properties) in .animate() as well. Combine them with .offset() and you are ready to go.

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What exactly do you want to accomplish with this? If all you need is to scroll to a certain heading, paragraph or other HTML element, use an anchor:

<a href="#myanchor">Click here</a>


<a name="myanchor"><h3>My Family and Other Kinds of Animals</h3></a>
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"scrollTo" plugin did work for me. I used it two years ago to create a horizontally scrollable thumbnails gallery. Just take a look at the source code of

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