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I'm observing a strange problem. Let me explain to you what the back ground of my application is. My client gave me a Chat application like the on in Facebook which basically builds on using Linq to SQL and XML. When I run this application stand alone it opens up the browsers where I need to put my nick name(Sam) and login credentials. After that I will be redirected to the chat page where it then shows who is online (sam in my case). As I open another browser and login with nickname (steve) it shows in the friend list that there is one user(Sam) online. The same happend towards Sam's side that Steve has come online. Now these two can chat with eachother the way we do in facebook. If third user comes online with his nick name(Joe) on a different browser he will appear online to Sam's and Steve's side as well. It is basically the current seario of the application.

Now this is what I need to do: I have to integrate this chat module with my dating application so that friends can chat with their friends only. Just like we do in facebook.

1st I just tried to implemet my dating application database in the stand alone chatting application which I got from my client.

I'm able to populate my friends list who are basically online from the database in the chatting friends list with no issues. Laughing

But as I open 2nd browsers to login another user who is basically my friend as i want to chat with him, as he gets online he has his online friend list and as I am also online I also appear online on his side too. What's wrong is here on my side he also get online with his online friends Frown and if some one else gets online in all browsers he will get online with his friends.

I dont know why its happening. When debugging this is what I noticed: The one who made this chat application he create XML for online users and he destroy it as well at the end.

What should I do to handle this?

On different browsers session should not overlap.

I hope I have explained my problem clearly.

Please let me know any suggestion or any solution for this problem.

Thanks in Advance

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