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I liked a commercial joomla template, and found a pirated copy of the same. Now after i have edited and modified it according to our needs, i want to buy the rights of the template. How can i do it? Is there some license file that i can copy paste, or something else? I dont want to do the labour of making all the changes again after installing the licensed version of template. Please help.

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Once you buy the template, you should get a copy of the license. However, license file is not required for anything. You can use the modified version of yours.

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You should not be using a pirated copy of any template. Buy and download the original template from the legit provider and take the time to modify the legit copy.

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Indeed... you never know what code has been modified in the pirated version before it reached you. –  scampbell Nov 9 '12 at 12:52
This also includes additional php code that may be hidden/encrypted somewhere inside the template causing undesired code to run and/or populate things on your site. It can also pose a large security risk. –  Hanny May 28 '13 at 18:01

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