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Consider an Android ListView with a context menu set up with registerForContextMenu. The context menu of a ListView item is shown when the user long taps over the item view.

Additionally, I would like to show the context menu when the user taps (not long taps) on the item (if certain conditions are met). Is it possible to do this? How?

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Not clear what exactly the problem is. You mean, you've setup the ListView with registerForContextMenu and it's still not showing - or it is already? –  Mathias Lin Dec 4 '10 at 15:23
I also want to show the context menu when the user taps (not long taps). –  hpique Dec 4 '10 at 15:25

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I managed to solve this by browsing the Android source code. Here's what I did:

protected void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> adapterView, int position) {
    final int start = adapterView.getFirstVisiblePosition();
    final int index = position - start;
    final View childView = adapterView.getChildAt(index);
    if (childView != null) {
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Yes call performLongClick method from your click event and it should do it

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This is the easiest way to do it if you already have long click set up through onContextItemSelected(). Just create an itemClickListener() and add performLongClick() to it. It worked for me, thanks! –  gcl1 Jan 29 '13 at 21:03

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