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I have my Clojure app packed in a jar. I am launching it as:

java -cp lib/clojure-1.2.0.jar:my-app.jar clojure.main -e "(use 'foo.main)(-main)"

Is this the only way to launch my application from this jar? Specifically, I would love to see something as simple as:

java -cp lib/clojure-1.2.0.jar:my-app.jar clojure.main foo.main
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Compile it: alexott.net/en/clojure/ClojureLein.html - w/ Leiningen, clojure.org/compilation - w/o it. –  ffriend Dec 4 '10 at 22:18

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(ns foo.main

in your main source to generate the namespace package qualified class file. Add

:main foo.main
:manifest {"Class-Path" "lib/clojure-1.2.0.jar"}

to your Leiningen project file. After "lein jar" you can startup the application using the metadata from the JAR-embedded Manifest file:

java -jar foo-YOURVERSION.jar
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If you pack your application with leiningens uberjar task then all you need to do is run,

java -jar name-of-your-app.jar
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Provided that you configured the main option in the project.clj file. –  Abhinav Sarkar Dec 4 '10 at 19:31

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