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basically, I have some functions in my as file. Some of them play with a mc instance. The instance is not available when calling the function that uses it as callback. Is there a way to solve?



function B(){

//italy is a MovieClip on the Main timeline
function A(){



$('flash').test();//flash is my html swf object

The error I get trying to reference italy from A (only) whem called from javascript:

uncaught exception: Error in Actionscript.

Basically, the italy movieclip is available through the AS functions. But it isn't available if I call an AS function from javascript. As you can see though, I see B from A. It's only Italy that I can't see. why?

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Hey, no, it's all ok, it works. It was a bad error inside one of my methods.

Sorry. Maybe moderators could delete this question. Bye!

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