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I have a client server app, the server side is mvc and the client side is a mobile device with windows mobile 6. Basically, the client authenticates, gets some data, create a databse, makes some operations on it then sends the data back to the server (Login, Download, Upload).

I get/send data from the client using HttpWebRequest class and i do like this: when the client requests data i write those objects in files using FileHelpers and in the end i make a .rar from all those files and i write those bytes in the response stream and on the client i unrar and get the objects from files using FileHelpers again.The same is happening for the Upload operation.

What is the best way to realize this communication because i think it's kinda horse shit what i'm doing in there, or?

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Glenn Block just did a very good post on streaming content over WCF:

I really like WCF Data Services & oData personally and they support binary objects and streaming:

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Writing data in files and sending that stream is the best way? or for example create a memory stream from the objects i want to send a write it in the response stream? or some other way? – gigi Dec 5 '10 at 10:21
You don't need to write the object to disc, you can write it directly to the response stream. – Doobi Dec 6 '10 at 22:54

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