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I am writing a major Emacs mode for a basic language I am implementing. I am wanting to highlight syntax for method calls where the method name is checked by [a-z][^()]* but only when followed by ([^)]). How would I define a regular expression which would match the first part if followed by the second part, but not highlight the second part?

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Try this:

(font-lock-add-keywords 'my-mode
  1 font-lock-function-name-face t)))

The 1 says to apply the highlight to the first subexpression.

Note: I added a \\b to make it match only when the [a-z] begins a word (otherwise Dude() would have the ude highlighted), and I added a * in the last set of parens b/c it seemed like it was missing.

I tested this in c++-mode.

Documentation for font-lock-add-keywords and other font lock things can be found here.

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