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I realized that writing to gil::color_converted_view doesn't affect the underlying view's data. I wonder if that's correct?

For example, let's say that I want to write a program that will take the value of the red channel and set the blue channel's value to half of that. Here's my failed attempt:

template <typename SrcView>
void half_red_to_blue(SrcView & view)
    // Since SrcView might be RGB or BGR or some other types,
    // I decided to use a color_converted_view to ensure that I'm
    // accessing the correct channels
    typedef gil::color_converted_view_type<SrcView, gil::rgb8_pixel_t>::type MyView;
    MyView my_view = gil::color_converted_view<gil::rgb8_pixel_t>(view):
    struct my_lambda
        void operator()(gil::rgb8_pixel_t & p)
            p[2] = p[0] / 2;
    gil::for_each_pixel(my_view, my_lambda());

However, it only works when SrcView is actually gil::rgb8_view_t. If I call, e.g. half_red_to_blue<gil::bgr8_view_t>(view), the view is not changed at all! I inspected a little in the debugger and it seems the write operation is writing to some kind of proxy location instead of the original pixels.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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This is valid behaviour in Boost.GIL because the colour components of pixel are touched only upon access of pixel. You can modify my_lambda::operator() to use get_color to trigger colour component access.

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