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Can I open any file formats with Word interop that Microsoft Word itself supports?

My task looks very simple, I need to read text, only text, from any type of documents commonly used (to compare the documents based on content). Is there a way I can do this easier than the above mentioned Word Iterop? Are there any free libraries to do this? Or to open any (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, openoffice docs, etc.) document types? I'm busy looking, but haven't found too many solutions yet, and I can't afford studying the 800-page specifications of all the formats.

P.S.: Handling pdf separately is OK, as well as having libraries for all the types.

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I'm working on a new framework called Toxy. The goal of it is to extract data/text from various documents like what you mentioned. The first release will be available early next year.(maybe Feb.) You can find some implementation here: https://github.com/tonyqus/toxy. But it's not ready for now.

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