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I have been trying tp get cometd to work with glassfish server, but I couldn't run the chat sample, seems I'm missing some libraries

I found this in the glassish documentation But this doesn't give much, no subscribe and publish as found in Cometd example with Jetty, just long polling

If I'm using cometd, must I use jetty server ?

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Don't know if you had any luck with this in the last 6 month, but I came across the following:


  1. To use Comet with GlassFish, add the bold red line to the GlassFish domain.xml file in the glassfish-v2ur2\domains\domain1\config directory:

    <http-listener acceptor-threads="1" address=""
        blocking-enabled="false" default-virtual-server="server"
        enabled="true" family="inet" id="http-listener-1" port="8080"
        security-enabled="false" server-name="" xpowered-by="true">
        **<property name="cometSupport" value="true"/>**
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I am running CometD successfully on a GlassFish Server. You must not add the property "cometSupport" to the server (otherwise it will not work).

On the project website you will find a complete documentation. Moreover, I suggesto to check out this article which also includes an example.

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how do you make it work, when i try to enable comet on GlassFish with this command 'asadmin set‌​d="true"' always outputs 'Command set failed.' – Shikatsu Mar 7 '13 at 20:00
@Shikatsu Please ask a new question instead of resurrecting old ones. – perissf Mar 7 '13 at 20:08
ok, thanks, will do. – Shikatsu Mar 7 '13 at 20:13

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