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(Solved, look @ the end of this desctiption)

Hi, let's say that I have that URL:

then, I use the HomeController and the Index action.

but, if the URL looks like

itemID is a string, it is optional, then I use MyController and action ViewContent

the Global.asax file:

        new { controller = "My", 
              action = "ViewContent", 
              itemID = UrlParameter.Optional 

the problem is, when I user the 1st URL the server treats it as 2nd URL (what's obvious). So, if the itemID parameter is NULL how then invoke the HomeController's Index action from the MyController?

I tried

return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");

but it always redirects me back to the MyController's ViewContent action


I solved it by moving the RedirectToAction method from the MyController's ViewContent action to the HomeController's Index action.

I tried to redirect from the MyController -> Home and it didn't work. Now I reversed the redirecting, from Home -> MyController by

return RedirectToAction("ViewCategory", "Category", new { itemID = itemID });

and in that case everything works :)

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That is because you not configure the route properly. Think and learn how the route works. It can be tricky if your route to the other route quite similar and how it can be fall back to the other route. The sequence is important.

Maybe you just put the "ViewItemContent" route above the other route. Your solution make another unnecessary round trip to the server because of RedirectToAction.

Actually you can put another route at the top:

    new { controller = "Home", 
          action = "Index"

So MVC will look for this first and since have nothing at the back, the "Home" route will take precedence and it will use Home controller with Index action directly.

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