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What would be a good tool, or set of tools, to download a list of URLs and extract only the text content? Spidering is not required, but control over the download file names, and threading would be a bonus.

The platform is linux.

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wget | html2ascii

Note: html2ascii can also be called html2a or html2text (and I wasn't able to find a proper man page on the net for it).

See also: lynx.

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Does html2text have a strip white-space option, because I couldn't find it –  Cammel Jan 12 '09 at 17:55
Not that I am aware of, but you can use awk/sed/perl ... etc to strip whitespace –  dsm Jan 13 '09 at 8:44
Keep an eye out for limitations in the tools. lynx, for example, won't render things like tables. If html2ascii is anything like pdftotext, it's able to keep tables in-tact, but it limits output to 80 characters per line. Given a modestly wide table that would fit comfortably in, say, 150 characters per line, it'll insert new lines and add text vertically and completely destroy readability and/or grepability (if that's a word). –  Brian Vandenberg Jul 31 '13 at 17:25

Python Beautiful Soup allows you to build a nice extractor.

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I know that w3m can be used to render an html document and put the text content in a textfile w3m > file.txt for example.

For the remainder, I'm sure that wget can be used.

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Look for the Simple HTML DOM parser for PHP on Sourceforge. Use it to parse HTML that you have downloaded with CURL. Each DOM element will have a "plaintext" attribute which should give you only the text. I was very successful in a lot of applications using this combination for quite some time.

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PERL (Practical Extracting and Reporting Language) is a scripting language that is excellent for this type of work. contains allot of modules that have the required functionality.

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Use wget to download the required html and then run html2text on the output files.

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