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I have to create two web applications using:


  • JSP

Without using MySQL, I'm looking for a free (open source) DBMS.

I found Firebird and and Postgresql, but I'm not sure about them; Is there any other powerful DBMS you've already used in this case ?


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What's wrong with MySQL or Postgres? They're the most used; are there any specific problems you're having with them? –  Lucas Jones Dec 4 '10 at 20:37

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I've used both Firebird and Postgres, and they're fine. You could also look at SQLite3, or one of the "NoSQL" data stores, like MongoDB, CouchDB, or Riak.

Firebird and SQLite have the distinction of being embeddable databases, meaning you can easily ship them as a part of your application without having to require the end user to set up the database separately.

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