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Ok, I know it is crazy, but this is a proof of concept to convert an SL App to a VS WPF ToolWindow. I have already built the VS package with a reference to a WPF UserControl. I do not see foresee any problems converting the Silverlight project to Wpf. The issue is converting the WCF Web Service app. As added fun I have three SL Library projects referenced also that should convert easily.

I considered using an Xbap setup, with a browser window in the VS Package, but when I realized that the SL project was Out of Browser only, not in browser, due to the fact that the local drives are displayed on the OOB Window.

So, back to plain Wpf. Here is my question: The WCF service is in the web app and my client wants to reuse as much of it as possible. With this architecture does anyone have any ideas on how to consume this service, where to put it and best of all reuse as much code as possible?

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What are the problems with WCF? It has many bindings for any kind of application. – vorrtex Dec 4 '10 at 22:58
sorry if I wasn't totally clear- The client is obsessed with reusing the service and since I will not see it ubtil Monday I have to take his description at face value. He tells me the existing service is several thousand lines of code written using a Silverlight template. Doesn't want to rewrite. I am really antsing to see it. Make sense to you? Thanks for the reply. – isitdanny Dec 4 '10 at 23:23

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