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I'm trying to write an sql statement for sqlite along the following lines, where I only need those three fields from the tasks field:

select (tasks.id, tasks.title, tasks.comment) from 
tasks inner join contexts_tasks on tasks.id = contexts_tasks.task_id 
where (contexts_tasks.context_id = 0);

select * returns fields that I'm not interested in including, but I just get this vague error message when I try to do it the way I did above:

SQL error: near ",": syntax error

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. Any explanations would be appreciated.

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Remove the parentheses from (tasks.id, tasks.title, tasks.comment)? –  Ken Dec 4 '10 at 21:26

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As others have said, remove the parenthesis from the fields in the SELECT clause. Someone who knows more about the inner workings of SQL can feel free to correct/elaborate, but I think that the query parser treats parenthetical expressions as something to be evaluated. Note, for example, the parenthesis around your WHERE clause, which evaluates to a boolean. The column names by themselves don't evaluate to anything but a syntax error. If, on the other hand, you placed a sub-SELECT or otherwise evaluatable expression within parenthesis in your SELECT clause, it would parse it.

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You shouldn't have brackets around the items in your SELECT list. SELECT a, b, c FROM d WHERE e = 1.

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