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I want to have a link use SSL. I'm using this code:

<%= link_to "Buy now!", line_items_path(:thing_id => @thing), :method => :post, :protocol => "https", :only_path => false %>

For some reason, the link is being generated with http:// instead of https://.

I'm using Rails 3.0.3.

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You must put the :protocol option inside the path helper:

<%= link_to "Buy now!", line_items_url(:thing_id => @thing, :protocol => "https"), :method => :post %>
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If I'm not mistaken, :only_path => false is necessary. It can only be omitted if :host is specified. – plang Jan 7 '11 at 15:38
FYI, the real trick here is changing line_items_path to line_items_url because path helpers don't support :protocol – Bob Jul 20 '11 at 19:00
Additionally :only_path => false is worked for me.. thanks...:) – Sumit Munot Jun 19 '14 at 4:11

If you are using bartt-ssl_requirement rubygem in your app, you can use the ssl-url-helper to explicitly mention http or https protocol.


  1. If you've disabled SSL check (in development environment), by following way: SslRequirement.disable_ssl_check = true, then passing :secure => true won't explicitly add https links to your view. This is not the case if you specify :protocol => 'https' and disable SSL check.

  2. Also, its not necessary to change line_items_path to line_items_url at each place.

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