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        Inferior 1 [process 9018] will be killed.

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Hi all.

What is a .gdbinit option to make GDB always kill running process at quit request?

I know that GDB can attach to already running processes, so it would be bad to kill them at quit. But for a processes started from it, a need to confirm your actions starts to annoy at a second quit.

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Turning confirmation prompts off globally disabled many other useful checks, such as the one to ask you if you really want to delete all breakpoints when you type "delete".

It would be better to disable the prompt only for the quit command. You can do that by adding this hook to your ~/.gdbinit (for current user) or /etc/gdb/gdbinit (for all users):

define hook-quit
    set confirm off
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set confirm off

See gdb doc for details

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