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Using MVCContrib you can easily do RedirectToAction calls such as

this.RedirectToAction( c => c.List() );

where List is an action result in said controller. Is there a way to do the same but using the "View" method instead? I.E

this.View( c => c.List(), viewModel );

Here's a trivial but complete example:

public ActionResult Profile()
    return View( new ProfileViewModel() )

public ActionResult Profile( ProfilePostModel postModel )
    if( !ModelState.IsValid )
        return this.View( c => c.Profile(), postModel.MapToViewModel() );
    _service.Save(postModel.MapToDtoObject() );
    return this.RedirectToAction( c => c.SomeOtherAction() );

I've been searching around and haven't found anything relevant.. Thanks!

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I don't know if such method exists in MVCContrib but it would be trivial to write one:

public static class ControllerExtensions
    public static ViewResult View<T>(
        this T controller, 
        Expression<Func<T, ActionResult>> expression, 
        object model
    ) where T : Controller
        var mce = expression.Body as MethodCallExpression;
        if (mce == null)
            throw new NotSupportedException();
        var result = new ViewResult();
        result.ViewName = mce.Method.Name;
        result.ViewData.Model = model;
        return result;
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Thanks Darin. I'm just getting into playing around with the expressions but that makes perfect sense. –  Thechoyce Dec 4 '10 at 23:19

As there is no code that represents the view itself, I don't think this can be made out-of-the-box. You can achieve something similar if you create conventions on how you choose which views are rendered. You can get some ideas from this post Jimmy Bogard's blog.

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Yeah, I've seen his post on ViewModels. I'm thinking that under the hood it would have to take the action I passed in an turn that into a string name and then call the built in View function, but was curious if there was something out there/in mvccontrib that already handle that... thanks for the feedback~ –  Thechoyce Dec 4 '10 at 22:37

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