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What is the easiest way using common linux tools to check if a bunch of ip addresses belongs to given network? I just need a number of how many of given addresses belongs to given subnet. Lets say network is and addresses is,,,, and

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I'm not sure whether you consider Ruby as a "common linux tool" but it has a nice module called IPAddr that has a method called include? for that.

require 'ipaddr'

net1 = IPAddr.new("")
net2 = IPAddr.new("")
net3 = IPAddr.new("")
p net1.include?(net2)     #=> true
p net1.include?(net3)     #=> false
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I needed this to, and decided to create a short script. I requires sed and bash. I'd call them both common linux tools.

Edit: Script too long to paste, apparently. You can find it here: http://folk.ntnu.no/olechrt/netaddr

$ cat ips

$ cat ips | netaddr
Warning: Input IP "" is invalid.
Warning: Input IP "" is invalid.

And finally, for the count you requested: $ cat ips | netaddr | wc -l

Warning: Input IP "" is invalid.
Warning: Input IP "" is invalid.
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