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I want to add push notifications on my app but i am not sure it is possible to achieve the goal of my app.

Users have a list with favorite authors. If one or more authors write something new i want the user to get notified with a message like "John wrote something new for you" but if the user has more than one authors i want another message to pop up "Chris wrote something new for you" View or cancel etc... is this possible to happen with push notifications? The user might have 100 authors in his list...?

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Did you every get to implement this? Personally I'd prefer to get notifications in bulk, like "4 of your favorite authors wrote something new for you" or similar. I'd only want the "Chris wrote something new for you" if only Chris had written something. Otherwise, the scenario you described would feel a bit too spammy. – André Morujão Apr 1 '11 at 10:58

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