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I am working on building a Kynetx app that fires a different action on a domain if it is the second time a user has visited the page. I think I need to use a persistant trail to mark when a user visits a page but I'm not sure how to check the trail to see if a value is already there and matches the current domain.

Current code:

rule put_data_onto_trail {
  select when pageview ".*"
  pre {
    domain = page:url("domain");
    notify("Thanks for visiting #{domain}","You visit has been recorded") with sticky = true;
  fired {
    mark ent:visitedDomains with domain;
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KRL provides the seen operator just for this purpose. It takes a regular expression as a string. So your if check could look something like this:

if seen ".*awesome.*" in ent:mytrail then {
    // take over the world
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".*awesome.*" could be simplified to "awesome" to make it a little more clear. –  TelegramSam Dec 6 '10 at 18:49

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