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I have a pretty limited experience with AJAX and javascript so hopefully this is easier than it's been for me. I'm building a simple upload form, just sending data from a form and then to the js then send that over to the php. basically in the html (which is generated from a php page):

<form id="form" method="post" onsubmit="return ajaxSubmit(this)" action="#">
<input name="data1" type="file"/>
<input type="submit" value="Go"/>

and the js:

function ajaxSubmit(thisform) { 
    var submitdata ="";
    submitdata = "uploadfile=" + thisform.elements['data1'].value
results.onreadystatechange=uploadResult;"POST", "./functions/upload.php",true);

(i've stripped out some of the code to make it shorter) I need to also send a php variable through, so I imagine I could write the function call as onsubmit="return songUploadSubmit(this, ".$phpvariable.") but I don't know how to pull it out on the javascript end. I need to know, simply I guess, how to pull $phpvariable and tack it on the end of submitdata variable. or if i'm going about this backwards.. Thankyou!

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You cannot upload files via AJAX.

'somefield=somevalue&otherField=othervalue' is what you want to submit multiple key=value pairs though.

However, use jQuery or another framework if you are going to do AJAX - otherwise you need to take care of url escaping etc. on your own (use escape(value) instead of value) and your code looks much uglier.

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Uploading is done via PHP, obviously not w/ ajax ;) – Damon Dec 4 '10 at 23:49
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Got it to work:

in html:

 return ajaxSubmit(this, $phpvariable)

in jscript:

function songUploadSubmit(thisform, otherdata)
submitdata = "data1=" + thisform.elements['data1'].value + "&data2=" + otherdata;

then I can grab both with _Post in the php file.

Overall just basic missing of some fundamentals like I suspected it might be. Passing multiple arguments.

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With jQuery your data would just be {data1: thisform.elements['data1'].value, data2: otherdata} without any need to care about the contents and their escaping (if your data1 value contains an & that will cause issues right now) – ThiefMaster Dec 5 '10 at 7:34

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