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I'd like to modify cake test so that it operates with a different value for *stack-trace-depth*.

The built-in definition is simply:

(deftask test #{compile}
  "Run project tests."
  "Specify which tests to run as arguments like: namespace, namespace/function, or :tag"

Ideally I'd like to specify the value with the command-line argument --depth=n, something to this effect:

(binding [*stack-trace-depth* (if (*opts* :depth)
                                  (read-string (*opts* :depth)))]

What code do I need to make this work?

Based on responses: Putting the following in tasks.clj

(undeftask test)
(deftask test #{compile}
  (.bindRoot #'*stack-trace-depth* 5)
  (println "Defining task: *stack-trace-depth* is" *stack-trace-depth* "in" (Thread/currentThread))

produces the following output:

Loading test/cake_test/core.clj:

  Loading tests: *stack-trace-depth* is nil in #<Thread[thread-13,5,main]>

$ cake test

  Defining task: *stack-trace-depth* is 5 in #<Thread[Thread-18,5,main]>
  In test: *stack-trace-depth* is nil in #<Thread[Thread-16,5,main]>

  Testing cake-testing.core

  FAIL in (test-stack-trace-depth) (core.clj:8)
  expected: (= *stack-trace-depth* 5)     
  actual: (not (= nil 5))

  Ran 1 tests containing 1 assertions.
  1 failures, 0 errors.
  Finished in 0.011865 seconds.

(Tested code is on Gist.)

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(Update: threw out the original answer, here's what seems to be a working solution.)

I took the sample project from your Gist and made the following changes:

  1. rm tasks.clj

  2. Added the following code to project.clj below the defproject form:

    (use '[bake.find-namespaces :only [find-namespaces-in-dir]]
         '[cake.tasks.test :only [test-opts]])
    (undeftask test)
    (deftask test #{compile}
      (bake (:use bake.test
                  [bake.core :only [with-context]]
                  [clojure.test :only [*stack-trace-depth*]])
        [namespaces (find-namespaces-in-dir ( "test"))
         opts       (test-opts)]
        (with-context :test
          (binding [*stack-trace-depth* 5]
            (run-project-tests namespaces opts)))))
  3. Created a new file, test/cake_testing/core_test.clj with the following contents:

    (ns cake-testing.core-test
      (:use clojure.test))
    (deftest correct-stack-trace-depth?
      (is (= *stack-trace-depth* 5)))

At this point, everything seems to work -- cake test outputs

Testing cake-testing.core-test

Ran 1 tests containing 1 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors.
Finished in 0.033200374 seconds.

Also, adding in a "test" which deliberately throws an exception results in a nice, short stack trace being printed.

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Thanks, but it seems like the tests still aren't seeing the updated value. I've added some test output to the question. – Jeremy Banks Dec 8 '10 at 16:37
The new version above (the result inlining a *stack-trace-depth*-setting version of cake.tasks.test/run-project-tests in a custom version of the test task) seems to work for me. Time now to dig into Cake to learn why it does, as I can't seem to grok the codebase yet. It looks pretty cool, though; thanks for getting me interested! :-) – Michał Marczyk Dec 13 '10 at 6:09
I thought I hade it set up to where I would get notified of cake questions, guess I don't! :) Anyways, this is a great idea, would anyone be interested in submitting this as a patch to master? – lancepantz Dec 14 '10 at 21:44
@lancepantz: I'd be happy to provide a patch / pull request. I guess if this were to go inside the default test task, it ought to be possible to override the default -- say, with an extra switch in the defproject form? (:test-stack-trace-depth or sth?) The real solution would be either to make tasks (or at least some specific tasks like test) configurable to bind certain Vars to certain values or to make contexts (which I don't fully grok quite yet) capable of setting Vars. I think it'd be fun to do that, but I won't have that much time for leisurely coding until Friday at least. – Michał Marczyk Dec 14 '10 at 22:08

Was able to put this in a task.clj file at the same level as a project.clj file and when I run cake test --depth=5 I can see the "Running tests with stack-trace-depth = 5" being printed. Hope this helps.

(ns tasks
  (:use cake cake.core cake.tasks.test
        [clojure.test :only [*stack-trace-depth*]]))

(undeftask test)
(deftask test #{compile}
  "Run tests"
  (binding [*stack-trace-depth* (if (*opts* :depth)
                                     (read-string (first (*opts* :depth))))]
    (println "Running tests with *stack-trace-depth* = " *stack-trace-depth*)
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Thanks, that is helpful. Unfortunately, when I run the tests they see the value of clojure.test/*stack-trace-depth* as nil, so there's something still missing. :/ – Jeremy Banks Dec 7 '10 at 14:53
Looks like you are right. I've poked around the cake source for a while now, looks like run-project-tests ends up creating a new context for running the users tests. I'm guessing you would need to be able to bind *stack-trace-depth* in that context. I played around with it some and wasn't able to come up with a good solution but I think it would be simple enough to add this functionality to cake. Good luck. – Jake McCrary Dec 8 '10 at 4:19

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