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I'm investigating whether I can use webkit-sharp for my application.

The main thing I need is the ability to handle custom URIs: I want to intercept link clicks and handle them myself, e.g. by calling WebView.LoadHtmlString. I suspect this can be done with the WebView.NavigationRequested event, but I don't immediately see a way to suppress the normal URI handling. I also can't find any reference documentation for webkit-sharp or webkit itself.

Can it be done?

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Apparently to suppress the normal URI handling, you have to set NavigationRequestedEventArgs.RetVal of the event arguments object to 1, which is the value of WEBKIT_NAVIGATION_RESPONSE_IGNORE in the webkit header files.

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I know that in the Objective-C interface to WebKit you can use this WebPolicyDelegate method:

- (void)webView:(WebView *)sender decidePolicyForNavigationAction:(NSDictionary *)actionInformation request:(NSURLRequest *)request frame:(WebFrame *)frame decisionListener:(id<WebPolicyDecisionListener>)listener

And if you want to handle the navigation yourself you use:

[listener ignore];

And if you want the default behavior you use:

[listener use];

Which you pretty much found out for your webkit-sharp implementation as I was typing this.

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