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I'm trying to create a drag and drop region that accepts any file type and will upload it to a server (using ASIHTTPRequest). I looked at the following example that Apple provides:

but it only covers dealing with the dragging and dropping of images. How can I set up my drag and drop operations to deal with any file type?


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Judging by this post, you'd probably just have to have your view register for NSFilenamesPboardType instead of the imagePastBoardTypes to receive arbitrary file types.

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Kind of related, but adding this in case it's helpful for someone:

If you simply want to handle any file dragged onto the application icon (doesn't need to be an Document-based app):

In .h:

- (void)application:(NSApplication *)sender openFiles:(NSArray *) fileNames;

In .m:

- (void)application:(NSApplication *)sender openFiles:(NSArray *) fileNames {
    NSLog(@"Files dragged on: %@", fileNames);

In your xxx.plist, create a new entry under CFBundleDocumentTypes:

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