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This YouTube video can be embedded into most sites (e.g., Stackoverflow), but it cannot be embedded into Rap Genius. You can try it yourself by pasting the embed code in to Rap Genius with firebug. You'll see this:

I need a way to detect whether a video is specifically blocked from Rap Genius.

Note that this is different from checking whether a video cannot be embedded anywhere – i.e., if you GET http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?v=2&alt=jsonc&q=_kmeFXjjGfk, you'll see that in the JSON response, data.items[0].accessControl.embed == 'allowed'

One clue: before the video starts playing, the player makes a request to a URL that looks like this:


Which, when curled, gives this response:


So maybe I can just query this URL? Will this work in all cases? Is there an "official" way of doing this?

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I have never used Rap Genius, but from what info you provide, the only thing that comes to my mind that YouTube could be using to transmit this information is the HTTP_REFERER header (which will contain a Rap Genius URL). Might be worth playing around with that – Pekka 웃 Dec 5 '10 at 0:45

I had the error:

This video contains content from XXX

I noticed I was using https when requesting the page containing the embedded video. Switching back to http seems to have fixed the problem.

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You have all the info in http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?v=2&alt=jsonc&q=_kmeFXjjGfk


March 19, 2013 -- Response is now quite different than that given above:


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It seems like it no longer contains the restriction info. – Gerry Oct 12 '13 at 6:15

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