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I'm new to Rails. I found that the 2 ways below get the same result, but I can't understand the code.

[ ] should be the operator for array, right? Why can I use it in the following way:

code 1:

drummer = Drummer.find(1)
=>"Jojo Mayer"

code 2:

drummer = Drummer.find(1)
=> "Jojo Mayer"
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Actually there is an important difference.

If you need to do some sort of processing on the value by overriding the setter:

class Drummer
  def name= value
    self[:name] = value.capitalize

Then drummer[:name] allows you to bypass the override.

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There is no difference. ActiveRecord:Base instance method [] just calls read_attribute which returns the same value.

The purpose of the [] method is to allow passing the attribute name with a variable, e.g.:

key = :name
   =>"Jojo Mayer"
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