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I am trying to set it up so that when I would click a certain link on a dropdown menu, it would link to a PHP variable and refresh the page with the new content.

Basically when I click the link, it would already have a certain variable attached to it and when clicked it would send the variable to a link/string of PHP code that would bring new content into the page.

Example if "Choice 1" is clicked option in the code below would be changed to Choice 1.

SELECT * FROM $db_table WHERE choice="option"
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I don't know if you are asking about $_GET or AJAX. –  Ben Dec 5 '10 at 2:22

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call your links like this:

<a href="/folder/?var1=some_value">link</a>

then, in PHP, get it:

$var = $_GET['var1'] // $var1 = 'some_value' now

everything after '?' in link goes into global array $_GET in php. Separate variables by '&':

<a href="/folder/?var1=some_value&var2=some_other_value">link</a>
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Check out http://www.xajax.net/ for PHP

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