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I see the suggestion of using Mylyn WikiText to convert wiki pages to html from this question except I'm not sure if its what I'm looking for from reading the front page of the site alone. I'll look into it further. Though I would prefer it being a Trac plug-in so I could initiate the conversion from within the wiki options but all the plugins at Trac-Hacks export single pages only whereas I want to dump all formatted pages in one go.

So is there an existing Trac plug-in or stand-alone application that'll meet my requirements? If not where would you point me to start looking at implementing that functionality myself?

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You may find some useful information in the comments for this ticket on trac-hacks. One user reports using the wget utility to create a mirror copy of the wiki as if it was a normal website. Another user reports using the XmlRpc plugin to extract HTML versions of any given wiki page, but this method would probably require you to create a script to interface with the plugin. The poster didn't provide any example code, unfortunately, but the XmlRpc Plugin page includes a decent amount of documentation and samples to get you started.

If you have access to a command line on the server hosting Trac, you can use the trac-admin command like:

trac-admin /path/to/trac wiki export <wiki page name>

to retrieve a plain-text version of the specified wiki page. You would then have to parse the wiki syntax to HTML, but there are tools available to do that.

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+1 for wget which is just enough for my needs at the moment. I'll come back to this answer and try out the other suggestions if I need ideas for anything more sophisticated. Thanks. – spade78 Dec 14 '10 at 22:06

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