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I am using some features that are provided in GCC v4+ and would like CMake to find GCC v4 compiler and if it does not find it, return an error stating GCC v4 is required.

Anyone have any modules / ideas on how to do something like this?


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Use the try_compile() command and try to compile the following program

#if __GNUC__ != 4
int main() { return 0; }
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A wholly different (not necessarily better) way to implement a gcc version check would be something like:

      ARGS                    --version
      OUTPUT_VARIABLE _compiler_output)
  string(REGEX REPLACE ".* ([0-9]\\.[0-9]\\.[0-9]) .*" "\\1"
         gcc_compiler_version ${_compiler_output})
  message(STATUS "C++ compiler version: ${gcc_compiler_version} [${CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER}]")

  if(gcc_compiler_version MATCHES "4\\.[0-9]\\.[0-9]")
    message(FATAL_ERROR "foobar")

  if(gcc_compiler_version VERSION_GREATER "4.5.99")
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Just works. Nice. – Offirmo Aug 21 '12 at 13:10

There may soon be a solution in cmake itself, cf.

Future releases of cmake may include two variables : CMAKE_C_COMPILER_VERSION and CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_VERSION.

Halas, I've not seen them yet in 2.8.8 changelog.

I use @cmaker solution for now.

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These new vars became really useful in CMake 2.8.10+ as they added support for additional compilers (such as clang) and fixed a C/CXX typo in 2.8.9 The macros to look for are CMakeDetermine*Compiler. – Ax3l Dec 6 '15 at 13:18

There's also the toolchain file, which is mentioned on the vtk wiki. That lets you specify custom toolchains. It's typically used for cross-compiling, but I've used it before to get other toolchains working.

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