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What do you recommend for setting the MAMP development stack? I've seen the quickstart thing at http://www.mamp.info, but I don't really like that approach. I'd rather have a full-fledged Apache that I can install any number of modules into. I remember seeing in the Leopard Server demo a really slick GUI that allows you to setup all this stuff, add virtual hosts, etc, and was wondering if anything similar is available for the non-server Leopard.

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OS X already comes with Apache, PHP, Perl and Python. Just install MySQL and edit the Apache config file as needed and you should be golden.

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Last time I used the default apache it was not apache2 yet. –  Simon Groenewolt Jan 12 '09 at 21:59
It is Apache2 in Leopard. –  Chuck Jan 14 '09 at 4:01

You could use Darwin Ports or Fink to install everything from scratch.

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Avoid heavy macports usage. Lousy source-based distribution. Avalanche rebuilds, unnecessary default dependencies (xorg for imagemagick). Use binary whenever possible.

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