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People have to register and follow my tweets... I need people to request following my ID and I need to approve them by using API

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why not try a twitter api library for java



any one of the above libraries would help.

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Thanks, I am using Twitter4J and I am asking is there an API call to confirm requested users to my account? –  tamilnad Dec 5 '10 at 6:51
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I need to approve people who have requested me to follow and I need this done by API. I have currently figured a way out of this problem. (Twitter has not implemented the API call for this)

  1. I will un-protect my tweets and people need not send request to follow me.
  2. I will make people to follow me through an web based application that stores the User_ID in the db.
  3. I will run periodic script that compares the followers in the application to followers in the twitter ID.
  4. I will block the user who is has not been registered through my web based application.
  5. I will un-block them once they do not follow me/ register through my application.

Please comment on this solution

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