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I am new to matlab so I don't even know if this is possible, but here it is... I am trying to print multiple lines in a single graph using the plot function. The problem is, I want to be able to specify how many lines the graph should display by simply changing a variable, for example: {This is the pseudo code to what I want to do}

 number_of_lines = 4;
 x = 0:0.5:5;


 for n=0:number_of_lines
     function_output[n] = sin(n + x);

 for n=0:number_of_lines

I know the above pseudo code isn't exactly matlab, but all I want to know if such algorithm is possible to do in matlab.

Thanks, Y_Y

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Here's one way to implement your example in MATLAB:

function_output = zeros(numel(x),number_of_lines);  %# Initialize a 2-D array
for n = 1:number_of_lines                  %# MATLAB uses 1-based indexing
    function_output(:,n) = sin(n + x).';  %'# Compute a row vector, transpose
                                           %#   it into a column vector, and
                                           %#   place the data in a column of
                                           %#   the 2-D array
plot(x,function_output);  %# This will plot one line per column of the array

And here are some documentation links you should read through to learn and understand the above code:

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Thanks for the post. – Y_Y Dec 5 '10 at 7:12

Have you looked through the MATLAB manual? -- it is quite well-written with many examples. Copy the example scripts and paste them onto the Command Window and see what happens...

You can either write a script or use their plotting tool:

--- script example

number_of_lines = 4;

x = 0:0.5:5;


figure;hold on;

for n=1:number_of_lines

function_output(n,1) = plot(x,sin(n+x),'color',[1-n/number_of_lines 0 n/number_of_lines]);



Have fun .

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Question: What if I want to plot only when x is 3. Should by if statement be if( x == 3) ? – Y_Y Dec 5 '10 at 7:17
If I understood you correctly (I'm guessing here), you wish to plot only the n==3 ? In other words, you wish to plot only the 3rd line? If that is the case, yes - you can add: if (n==3); <plot the line>; end – Y.T. Dec 5 '10 at 15:41

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