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I currently have a website. How could I trace the IP that is currently accessing my website? Could I also trace to what URL of my website they are accessing?

Thanks, Cyril H.

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I think providing a little more information about your website would be good. What type of server is it? Apache, perhaps?

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I forgot to include that. But I'm using Apache Tomcat 6.0 as the server for my website... –  Cyril Horad Dec 5 '10 at 16:10

If you are using a Windows server with IIS, open up your IIS Manager, and view the logs for the site in question.

If you are running a *nix box, it would all depend on what web server you have installed, I will assume that its apache, so you could check the apache conf file where the logs are located. Most installations I have seen they are in /var/log/apache2/ or something similar to /var/log/httpd etc;

Then you simply view the files. By default most web servers log requests (access) and errors (failed requests, 404 files/pages).

Should give you all the details you mentioned. But it depends on what you have running.

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What do you mean by using a Windows server with IIS? –  Cyril Horad Dec 5 '10 at 16:11

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