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My rails 3 app on heroku receives incoming emails. I want to be able to accept attachments but can't get rails to process the attachments without erroring.

The ideal would be to pass the attachment provided by ActionMailer.

message_all = Mail.new(params[:message])
 message_all.attachments.each do |a|
 attachments.each do |a|
   :attachment => a

It errors with: NoMethodError (undefined methodrewind' for #)` Where attachments is a model, with attachment is paperclip

Ideas y? Is there a different way to pass the attachment = a , to paperclip?

I tried another approach, creating a tempfile:

tempfile = File.new("#{Rails.root.to_s}/tmp/#{a.filename}", "w+")
tempfile << a.body
:attachment => File.open(tempfile.path) )

The problem with the tempfile is files without extentions "blah" instead of "blah.png" are breaking paperclip which is why I want to avoid the tempfile. and creating Identity errors, imagemagick doesn't know what they are w/o the ext.

hugely appreciate any advice on this.

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The problem with the methods that you are using is that they don't contain all of the necessary information for paperclip like the content type and the original filename. I wrote a blog post about this a while back and how you could fake the format and use an email attachment as a paperclip attachment.

The bottom line was to do this:

file = StringIO.new(attachment)
file.class.class_eval { attr_accessor :original_filename, :content_type }
file.original_filename = attachment.filename
file.content_type = attachment.mime_type
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That first line should probably read file = StringIO.new(attachment.decoded) –  Nick Desjardins Jul 9 '11 at 4:04
@Steve Your blog is down. –  Smooth Dec 9 '14 at 22:47
@Smooth thanks for the heads up. It seems to be working ok for me now. Hopefully just a temporary glitch. –  Steve Smith Dec 11 '14 at 13:19

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