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I've been looking into the ASM library. First I wrote a program to build a hello world class and then I thought I'd try something a little more involved, build a class that creates a PythonInterpreter(part of the the Jython library) and executes a python file. The result is the following, unfortunately I get the exception I named this question after when I try to execute the resulting class.

public class Main {
public static void main(String[] args) {
    String mainFile = "";

    ClassWriter mainClass = new ClassWriter(ClassWriter.COMPUTE_MAXS);
    mainClass.visit(Opcodes.V1_5, Opcodes.ACC_PUBLIC, "Main", null, "java/lang/Object", null);
    MethodVisitor mainMethod = mainClass.visitMethod(Opcodes.ACC_PUBLIC + Opcodes.ACC_STATIC, "main", "([Ljava/lang/String;)V", null, null);

    mainMethod.visitTypeInsn(Opcodes.NEW, "org/python/util/PythonInterpreter");
    mainMethod.visitMethodInsn(Opcodes.INVOKESPECIAL, "org/python/util/PythonInterpreter", "<init>", "()V");

    mainMethod.visitFieldInsn(Opcodes.GETSTATIC, "java/lang/System", "out", "Ljava/io/PrintStream;");
    mainMethod.visitMethodInsn(Opcodes.INVOKEVIRTUAL, "org/python/util/PythonInterpreter", "setOut", "(Ljava/io/PrintStream;)V");
    mainMethod.visitFieldInsn(Opcodes.GETSTATIC, "java/lang/System", "err", "Ljava/io/PrintStream;");
    mainMethod.visitMethodInsn(Opcodes.INVOKEVIRTUAL, "org/python/util/PythonInterpreter", "setErr", "(Ljava/io/PrintStream;)V");

    mainMethod.visitMethodInsn(Opcodes.INVOKEVIRTUAL, "org/python/util/PythonInterpreter", "execFile", "(Ljava/lang/String;)V");


        byte[] b = mainClass.toByteArray();
        FileOutputStream writer = new FileOutputStream("Main.class");
    }catch(IOException e){


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My problem was that I didn't call visitMaxs before ending my method visit. But now I'm getting complaints about an empty stack, which seems to be what aioobe spotted. – user405163 Dec 5 '10 at 8:52
If you're writing high-level code like this, you might find something like Javassist easier that ASM. You just make a String of some Java code and give it to Javassist to compile. Saves you having to effectively learn all the bytecode ops and manage the stacks etc, yourself. I've always views ASM as being more of a tool for, say, compiler writers. – dty Dec 5 '10 at 8:56
Try to run your code with the -noverify flag. This should help you pin-point where the problem lies – Shashank Bharadwaj Jun 29 '11 at 21:23

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When you come to the setOut and setErr methods, you have only an argument, and no object to invoke the method on. (The call to <init> "consumed" the object it initialized!)

Same applies for the call to execFile. You have an argument (mainFile) but no object to invoke execFile on.

Try to add three DUP instructinos right after NEW. (To save enough references for the three method calls you want to do on that object.)

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