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How to get real object from Jquery selector result? Example:

 $("form").first().id != $("form").first().attr("id")

so this mean result somehow wrapped/delegated with jquery how to unwrap it?

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Just a tangential tip, .attr("id") would already get the id from the first, no need to chain .first() in there. –  Nick Craver Dec 5 '10 at 9:41

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$("div")[0] or $("div").get(0), substituting 0 for the index of the element you want.

If you have multiple DOM elements that you want out, you can use .toArray().

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The left operand is incorrect because here:


first() returns a jQuery object, so you can't use id (a DOM element property) on it. To get the DOM element wrapped by the jQuery object you use array deferencing:


Or get():


The following should evaluate to true:

$("form")[0].id == $("form").first().attr("id") 

And therefore this should be false:

$("form")[0].id != $("form").first().attr("id") 
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