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It would be great to have a logo to put on a brochure for prospective clients. Silverlight has a logo. WPF has a logo : http://windowsclient.net/wpf/ . Where can I find the logo for WCF (windows communication foundation)?

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As far as I'm aware, their logo is just the .Net one with some text, the same as on the community site:

alt text

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Using images.google.com, this was the closest I could find: http://i.stack.imgur.com/DcVR6.png

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Don't forget -world -cat -federation -fight -championship -curling -chimpanzee -women :) –  abatishchev Dec 5 '10 at 10:03
@abatishchev: LOL! :) +1 –  Mr. Smith Dec 5 '10 at 10:05
Thank you. Plus 1 –  basarat Dec 5 '10 at 10:25

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