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Joel and company expound on the virtues of learning C and how the best way to learn a language is to actually write programs using that use it. To that effect, which types of applications are most suitable to the C programming language?

Edit: I am looking for what C is good at. This likely does not coincide with the best way of learning C.

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Well, if you want to learn C and have some fun at the same time, might I suggest obtaining NXC and a Lego Mindstorms set? NXC is a C compiler for the Lego Mindstorms.

Another advantage of this approach is that you can compare the effort to program the Mindstorms "brick" with C and then try LEJOS and see how it goes with Java.

All great fun.

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The short answer is none. The slightly longer answer would be any time you have a system's programming task, and don't have access to any compiler for a better language.

For system's programming tasks, you are far better served by using something as powerful but safer and less error-prone like Ada. For general purpose OO programming, languages like C++, Java, and Ada again are far better choices. For a lot of specific tasks, like string manipulation or website generation, there are domain-specific languages that will make your job much easier for you.

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