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I have the compiled output from a site which uses asp precompilation. The .aspx files are just a placeholder and there are .compiled files for each .aspx.

I'm trying to reconstruct a site's .aspx files from the precompiled assemblies.

I've looked in the compiled assemblies using reflector but reconstructing the .aspx looks like a bigger task than what I was hoping for. I have a relatively short timeframe for this.Does anyone know of any easy way? Are there any tools out there that can acheive this task?


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Why do you need to decompile the files. If the author didn't want to share it's source codes, you shouldn't steal it :-| –  Davita Dec 5 '10 at 11:55
Well if you can read CLR, then ILDASM which is a part of Visual Studio. If I am in the position of having to maintain a client's site where they no longer have the code, then that is usually the bottom line. –  Orbling Dec 5 '10 at 12:04
No not stealing it, the developer has left a client in the lurch with no source code... ! –  nixon Dec 5 '10 at 12:14

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Use .NET Reflector (free version available): http://www.red-gate.com/products/reflector/

With the FileDisassembler Addin: http://reflectoraddins.codeplex.com/

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