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I need an advice for a c# project. My client wants to see some reports via the gridview object with master/detail structure.

The main gridview will be full by all master data and each row will have a + icon (or button) on the first cells. When user clicks this icon, the all details data of that master row should be seen under that master row with collaps action.

I can handle the database proccess but i can not figure out the collapsing part. How can i put some extra rows under the specific row on the gridview object?

Thanks in advance..

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Matt Berseth has one of the most impresive tutorials on this kind'a stuff

it contains til now 28 tutorials only on the GridView plus a lot from other controls as well using jQuery with them. I do learn plenty with him. I really love his work and I just wanna share this with you, you might actually get some good and professional ideas from his code!

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There is a CodeProject article with downloadable source:

GridView inline Master/Detail record display

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Thanks but its for updating or inserting. Instead , i have found that page, it seems more effective.

GridView control to show master-child or master-slave data, written in c#,, and javascript.

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Muhammad Mosa blogged a similar example as well.

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Here is another good CodeProject blog. Explains multilevel master/detail without JavaScript.

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This is the easiest to use control I've ever run across:

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You can find some help for setting it up at: – cjbarth Jan 22 '11 at 0:21

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