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I am trying to install the R-project (for statistics) plugin for VIM, on my PC (using ubuntu).

I have followed the instruction on the plugin web page

  • I have installed the conque shell plug in as well, as requested.
  • I have installed the vim-r-plugin
  • I have added the 4 needed line to my .vimrc file:

    set nocompatible
    syntax enable
    filetype plugin on
    filetype indent on
  • I have set my maplocalleader to ,
  • I open a .R file
  • I try the command, like :,rf, and I get: E492: Not an editor command: ,rf

I don't know really how to trouble shout this problem, or where to find help.

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Sorry, my first answer was out of scope.

You needn't : to use mappings. Just hit ,rf

old answer was:

Usually, vim commands can be prefixed with a line range. Here the :, suggests you are indicating a line range.

Valid line ranges might be (not a full list):

  • a (single line)
  • [a],b (line ranges)
  • % (synonym of 1,$)

a and b can be replaced with . (current line), $ (last line), any valid line number, 'x where x is a mark, and any arithmetic combination of them.

But , alone does not seem to be appropriate in front of a command name.

Also see :help cmdline-ranges

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indeed, not using the : makes it work. Thanks –  jules Dec 5 '10 at 18:03
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