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system("convert $imageurl $new");
system("convert $new -geometry 480x360 -blur .8 -quality 100 $new");


system("convert $imageurl $new");
system("convert $new -resize 480x360 -blur .8 -quality 100 $new");

Both the above work fine but, I don't see a visible diff between geometry and resize. Read up on it, over my head, it works so, I will learn as i go here.

For annotating, the below works fine:

my $image;
my $test_text="testies123"; 
my $x=$image->Read(filename=>"$new");
$x=$image->Annotate(text=>"$test_text",font=>'Candice.ttf',fill=>'#5BADFF',pointsize=>'14',gravity=>'SouthEast', x=>5, y=>5);
$x=$image->Write(filename=>'new_file.jpg'); undef $image;

(The $vars in above examples were obviously declared previously.)

What I am trying to do is combine it all into one shorter routine.


system("convert $new -geometry 480x360 -blur .8 -quality 100 -annotate -text testies123 -font Candice -fill blue -pointsize 14  -gravity SouthEast -x 5 -y 5 $new");

I have tried several variations of the above and also just attempted to annotate via system() but, I just cannot figure this out.

Perhaps there is even a better way all together? Thanks in advance for teaching this old dog another trick.

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(1) why do you need a shorter routine, and (2) why not just use Image::Magick to do the conversion as well as the annotating, instead of the command line tools? –  MkV Dec 5 '10 at 17:50

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You may read documentation to clear arguments of -annotate option http://www.imagemagick.org/script/command-line-options.php#annotate

system("convert $new -geometry 480x360 -blur .8 -quality 100 -font Candice -fill blue -pointsize 14  -gravity SouthEast -annotate +5+5 testies123 $new")
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