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On a given form input field, on blur, I would like to check if that input value is valid.
To know if that id is valid or not, I need to query the database.
If it's not valid, a message should appear next to the input field indicating that the option is not valid.

I'm over Zend Framework, however, this is my very first solo Ajax experience.

Can I have a skeleton about how something like this could be implemented please ?

I'm a little aware that something like this should be used...

if($this->getRequest()->isXmlHttpRequest()) {

but I really need a help here. :s

Thanks a lot,

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First thing you should take care while handling AJAX requests in Zend Framework - disable the view/MVC layout component.

In your action,

    public function validateAction()

    if($this->getRequest()->isXmlHttpRequest()) {
    //Disable the view/layout

    //Receive the value from the form
    $inputValue = $this->_getParam('name');

    //Access your model and validate the data.

    $model = new Model();
    $result = $model->isValid($inputValue);

    $myArray = array(

    $jsonData = Zend_Json::encode($myArray);
//Send the result back to the client

Receive this JSON object from client side(use jQuery), process it and show the appropriate message.

A similar question - How do you make Zend Framework NOT render a view/layout when sending an AJAX response?

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