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With Capistrano, how to rollback to a specific release?

My server's folder has a /release folder, how can I rollback to a specific one?

Is it possible for me to get a list of releases on my computer locally?

I'm using GIT and this didn't work:

cap deploy -s revision:HASH
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The following should work:

cap deploy:rollback -s previous_release=/path/to/release/on/server


Lets say you have deployed your app to /srv/some_app and you have the following releases/directory structure:

|- srv
   |- some_app
      |- shared
      |- current -> /srv/some_app/releases/2012123
      |- releases
         |- 2010123
         |- 2011123
         |- 2012123

If you now want to go back from the current (2012123) release to the 2010123 one, you would use

cap deploy:rollback -s previous_release=/srv/some_app/releases/2010123
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Capistrano names the release directories by date/time.

From the capistrano shell, you can connect to all the machines you are deploying to, and examine them from there:

$ cap shell
# Show them - it might be a long list
cap> ls  /mnt/html/deployed/releases/
 ** [out ::] 20110521130031
# how many releases on each machine?
cap> ls  /mnt/html/deployed/releases/ |wc -l
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