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Im trying to deploy symfony on virtual host.

mod_rewrite converts /web URLs to domain root URLs (domain.com/image.gif is turning internaly into domain.com/web/image.gif).

But thanks to web is executed internaly from /web dir, Symfony is still thinking it has document root there and prefixes any url_for() URLs with /web.

So when i have route:

  url: /books

..and iam asking for:


Symfony is generating:


I cant change hosting behaviour, i need to have web request pointed into symfony root path and internaly redirected into /web dir and i want to symfony ignore the point it is executed from |hostname-document-root|/web

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I found the insert of this code into top of my front controller (/web/index.php) as good solution:

$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] = '/index.php';
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